Do’s and Do nots for Dealing with Redundancy

Do’s and Do nots for Dealing with Redundancy

The workplace is an ever changing environment so we need to be adaptable and flexible to remain a productive, valued, member of the workforce, whatever position held in the organisation.

Certain changes and particularly finance driven initiatives tend towards restructuring the outcome of which is potentially to achieve more for less, that is, greater productivity from fewer staff. 

The fact of life is that any one of us can find our job ‘at risk’. The post to be deleted from the employment structure. It’s how we deal with this experience that makes the difference. It’s essentialto manage yourself, your team, your exit with professional dignity to ensure the maximum of future opportunities are in place and the negative impact is minimised…..

“Easier said than done” I hear you say!


  • remember it’s the post being deleted-not you! 
  • stay objective
  • stay confident of your own ability
  • take time to consider your next steps
  • seek impartial advise-check your rights.
  • consider ALL your options

Do nots

  • take it as personal slight.
  • internalise your emotions
  • undervalue what you have to offer
  • rush into decisions
  • rely on hearsay for your facts
  • feel you have to apply for anything going

The main thing is too take back the control, make a plan of action as you would any work project and investigate thoroughly your current position to ensure you are being treated appropriately, your union or professional body can be excellent resources or turn to a Human Resources expert or an advise agency like the CAB.

Then set aside time to explore all your options. Ask the questions:-

  • Do I need to get another full time job?
  • Does my next position need to be in the same industry?
  • Is now the time to consider developing my hobby into paid work?
  • Could I take a sabbatical?
  • When you have honestly answered these questions then take time out to consider:-
  • What would make me happy?

From this exercise you should be able to determine what is your best path at this time….there are no right or wrong answers, we’re all individual in our needs, wants, motivators and drivers. We have our own set of responsibilities. This could be the push you required to fulfil that life long dream, it could however feel like the worst thing that’s ever happened to you. Wherever you are help is always at hand but you need to be in the right frame of mind to accept it.  

What’s the worst that can happen?

It’s time to take a risk and seek that independent view to ensure your get the best from a bad situation possible