Dealing with Redundancy

Are you concerned that you may be made redundant?

Have you been served with notice of redundancy?

Are you trying to cope with the fact that you have been made redundant?

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Redundancy - A Fact of Life

Redundancy is a fact of life today-it is much more common in recent years, so we need to be prepared to manage the experience to our advantage and not go into victim mode.

There are the sensible practical steps that everyone in this position should take, for example:

1.    Has your company complied with employment legislation? You can take legal advise, you could approach your union representative or make an appointment at your local citizens advice bureau or search online. 

2.    Have you made appropriate financial plans-it’s important to have your pension plan in place to have a budget that you can manage long term be assured that you can provide for those you have a responsibility to. You can take financial advise from a range of sources to deal with this area.

Both the legal and financial implications are important but certainly not the whole story…..we need to go through the phases of change. This is where Executive coaching comes into play. Redundancy is something that happens to us-generally it is not our choice. Dealing with change is a challenging process for most people, we tend to resist change as it can be extremely stressful. Some people immediately start looking for similar jobs elsewhere and take the first thing offered. This can manage the financial situation but may not provide the best option for the long term.

Others give up and may get depressed, or worse as they do not recognise their actual worth.

Resentment, a very negative emotion can take over and this becomes a barrier to moving forward.

Being made redundant can be overwhelming only if you let it:

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind I’d still be in prison” Nelson Mandela.

A little extreme to compare your redundancy with over 25 years of unjust imprisonment-the learning from this however, is that it is our mindset that traps us. How we actually react to a situation is what is most important. Now when an extremely traumatic or stressful situation event occurs, having some help to get you through can be really productive. Having someone to support you in an objective way can bring balance back to your life. Helen Furlong Executive Coaching provides this safe, positive and non judgemental space to explore what is important to you and to devise a plan of action by which to move forward and, probably best of all, can enable you to take back control.

If you want to discuss any of these points and think I can help I would be happy to hear from you.