New year New Plan. How to achieve a good work/life balance in 2016

Photo by marekuliasz/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by marekuliasz/iStock / Getty Images

We all tend to take stock at this time of year and plan to make certain adjustments to get our lives on track for the New Year.

We make resolutions of things we’re going to start (a new exercise class) and things we’re going to stop (drinking alcohol, smoking or eating chocolate!).

We may even think about kick-starting our careers -going for that promotion, retraining or volunteering opportunities to enhance the CV.

How long these changes last and how far we get with our new intentions is a test of character! In fact, many people chose not to make New Year's resolutions because year upon year they haven't managed to achieve them. A classic fear of failure.

How to make sure you're not in that position, once again, this time next year.

I wish you all the best for 2016 - if going through this list raises any questions for you then do contact me and I’ll be happy to help you work to achieve the work/life balance you deserve this year.

  • Visualise how you’ll feel when your goals are achieved and hold onto that thought of wellbeing.
  • Think about what is important to you and choose your priorities.
  •   Decide to take control of your choices for 2016 to achieve a healthy work/life balance.
  •  Check your plans now, be realistic as to what can be achieved. Small steps lead to big results.
  • Be clear about how you plan to meet your goals and the time frame - remember SMART
    SMART is:-
  •  Identify the likely pitfalls that could derail you and how you can work around them.
  •  Celebrate noticeable changes and goals as you achieve them.
  • Be kind to yourself and remember martyrdom can be difficult for those around you.
  • If you falter you can always start again -missing one class doesn’t mean you can’t go again!