Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

Red brick wall in Lewes by Katie Vandyck

This well used quote is oh so true. It seems obvious on the first reading but at certain times we all fall into the trap and feel like we’re hitting our head against a brick wall.

Repeatedly doing something the same way will give the same result-to get a better job, to find fulfilment, to meet our full potential we need to have a rethink to re-evaluate and plan our next steps with a clear focus on what is going to get us to where we want to be. In the various component parts of our lives we have to balance the security of routine with curiosity. There can be many conflicting priorities but always remember that:-

Taking a risk and failing is better than not trying at all-true!

Coaching, unlike counselling looks forward. It parks where we are now and explores alternative avenues. The whole experience, although challenging at times is very positive. It can make you feeling control once again and give you that confidence and motivation to do what is important and to realise your full potential

Coaching helps you to identify and understand your habits, whether labelled good or bad, as well as those limiting beliefs that can be the barrier to achievement. Using a range of coaching tools and appropriate questioning techniques the process enables you to explore and decide the best, alternative ways to move forward and plan how to embark on that journey, it what timescales. The process, provided by coaching, frees you to reach your goals and meet your full potential.

Have you found yourself in this situation?

Would you like help?

I can help you identify the situation you would like to change and find a way forward by taking you through my coaching process. I can provide the safe, positive, non judgemental space for you to work out your next steps that will meet your needs and enable you to move forward with confidence and renewed motivation.