Do you feel that you are holding yourself back whilst others take centre stage, get noticed and promoted ahead of you? I can help you build your levels of confidence whilst recognising what you have to offer. Confidence Coaching can help you to become more resilient and, together with increased confidence, you will be in a better position to meet your full potential. I offer confidence coaching in Lewes, Brighton, Eastbourne and Peacehaven, as well as online coaching via Skype or Facetime.

Regaining Confidence

Lacking confidence at work is a common issue. You may feel inexperienced, be new to a company, or have doubts about your ability to succeed. It’s important to overcome your fears and regain your confidence to help you advance in your career. A healthy confidence level will push you to take on challenging, but manageable projects, reach new goals, and get outside of your comfort zone.

Learning New Habits

Everyone gets insecure at times, that’s life, but existing in insecurity is a learned thought pattern. You can do something about it and I can help through confidence coaching where we can explore what has led to this state of mind and then go on to develop strategies to build personal confidence.

When you have explored what the issues are it then becomes a much easier task to plan what you need to do, or indeed stop doing, to achieve your goals. In fact setting your goals - that is understanding what you want - can be challenging. I can provide the safe, positive, non judgemental space for you to work out your next steps that will meet your needs and enable you to move forward with confidence and renewed motivation.

Dealing with Negative Thoughts

Confidence coaching is a powerful tool box that, used with integrity,  can enable you to practice techniques to build your confidence and dismiss the negative thoughts we all have at times. Through a series of exercises we can work through what’s important to you, how to achieve it, with the outcome of improved self awareness, self esteem and confidence.

I would be pleased to chat about this further with you. I offer confidence coaching throughout East Sussex including in Eastbourne, Lewes, Peacehaven and Brighton.

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