Do you experience difficulties with work colleagues? I can help you analyse what the group dynamics are, build your resilience and plan simple but effective actions that will deal with the situation. My executive coaching services are offered in Eastbourne, Brighton, Lewes and Peacehaven within East Sussex, and I also offer online coaching if you're further away.

When Work Relationships Become Difficult

Have you found yourself in dread of going to work due to the toxic nature of the workplace? Do you find your boss or colleagues difficult to get along with? Are you failing to shine through and show the best version of you? At certain times in our careers there can be occasions when what should be the perfect job fails to meet our expectations and one reason for this can be unproductive workplace relationships.

Executive coaching is an ideal way to help you tackle these difficult relationships at work. The coaching techniques I can introduce you to will put you back in control, will build your resilience and let you choose your next steps that can enable you to flourish in the workplace and meet your full potential without letting the negative impact of poor workplace relationships derail you. 

Building Positive Relationships

Building and maintaining productive, positive, mutually beneficial workplace relationships can lead to increased productivity, better team morale, a happier workforce. It is proven that putting time into effective strategies to achieve a harmonious working environment will provide a good return on investment.

Setting your goals-that is understanding what you want-can be challenging. I can provide the safe, positive, non judgemental space for you to work out your next steps that will meet your needs and enable you to move forward with confidence and renewed motivation.

Coaching to help relationships at work, is a powerful tool box that used with integrity can enable you to explore what is out of sync through a series of exercises and together we can work through what’s important to you, how to achieve it, whilst managing your stress levels effectively.

I am very happy to discuss these coaching concepts with you - please do get in touch. If you're having problems with relationships at work, executive coaching will help. I work across East Sussex, notably in Eastbourne, Brighton, Lewes and Peacehaven. Don't forget you can also use my services via Skype and Facetime - so location is not important!

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