Is the thought of getting back to work stressful? Have you lost confidence? Through coaching, I can help prepare you if you're worried about returning to work. Using tried and tested techniques, we can plan your return to work on your terms.

My coaching services cover Brighton, Lewes, Eastbourne and Peacehaven, but if you're further away I also offer an online coaching service via Skype.

Returning After a Break

There could be several reasons why you find yourself in this position-returning to work after a sabbatical, from maternity leave, due to a career break, from unemployment. Each brings with it a number of challenges but also opportunities, what can get in the way is self doubt, lack of confidence and being unprepared.

Rebuilding Confidence

Are you struggling to deal with your return to work? Would you like some help? I can help you put in place what will ease this situation, take back control and focus on the positives. We are all individuals and react differently when out of our comfort zone, with my support and a range of coaching techniques we can work through your issues and determine ‘What next?’

When you have explored what is important to you it then becomes a much easier task to plan what you need to do, or indeed stop doing, to achieve your goals. In fact setting your goals-that is understanding what you want-can be challenging. I can provide the safe, positive, non judgemental space for you to work out your next steps that will meet your needs and enable you to move forward with confidence and renewed motivation.

Coaching, is a powerful tool box that used with integrity can enable you to explore what is out of sync through a series of exercises and together we can work through what’s important to you, how to achieve it, whilst managing your stress levels effectively.

I am more than happy to discuss how coaching works - why not call me for an informal chat? If you would like advice on returning to work I offer a free initial consultation. I work throughout East Sussex, especially in Eastbourne, Brighton, Lewes and Peacehaven.  You can always ask for coaching via Skype or Facetime if you live further afield.

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