Coaching Testimonials for Helen Furlong, Personal Coach

The following testimonials relate to my Learning Mentor and Personal Coaching role on a Business Start-Up Course for council tenants wishing to develop an enterprise.


I appreciated the chance to talk about what I was thinking. It was a very uncertain and challenging time, not to mention exhausting, and the single most valuable product of our time together was just to be able to talk about it and get your thoughts.

Talking it all through helped shift my perspective. I’ve realised that I just don’t want to do what I was doing before I’ve recognised that’s because my heart wasn’t in it and that prohibits real success. I’m more confident and I’ve realised what’s valuable to me at this point.

So in one sense I feel I’ve had some of the fight taken out of me - but I actually think that’s a good thing. My single biggest takeaway is to try to reduce the extent to which I expect my job to provide my sense of self-worth.

I can be very self-critical and focus on my flaws. I think you’ve helped me recognise that, and to count my blessings. One way or another I’m certainly feeling happier: I’m looking forward to this role, with a healthy acknowledgement of its shortcomings and a plan to mitigate them, and I’m much more confident that I’ll still be doing it in a few years - at least, that will be a choice in my hands.

Thanks again for your help and support. I’m very glad I found you :)

Ben, Brighton
— Ben, Brighton
The course was a huge success, and thank you especially to Helen whose enthusiasm and constant support ensured so many of the students succeeded. We would be interested in running this again if some match funding could be found.
— Jo Jacks, Housing Needs Manager Lewes District Council
I have thoroughly enjoyed being on the course by completing all the challenging coursework and homework assignments on time, plus meeting and working alongside Julie, Helen, Mike, Jo Jacks and all my other 19 co-students, for which new friendships and business links have been made.

I found your yellow and blue post-it notes very useful, especially trailing them side-by-side one another, towards the window, just as the sun shone and pinching my fingers to remind myself where I want to be from where I sit from my couch, as this has helped me to focus on ‘Bellydancing’ path and ‘school/nursery teaching assistant’ path as well. It also helped having the one-to-one questionnaire that you put forward to me verbally and ticked off my appropriate answers. I also found the ‘wheel of life’ very useful due to also being a visual person and how my ‘wheel’ looked very imbalanced at the time and to work on this daily etc. I probably found your one-to-one very useful, especially during the challenging time during ‘Cutedog’ coursework and homework assignment, as this helped me to put things into a more clearer perspective.

Thank you Helen and that we can all meet up again whenever the time arises.
— Bettina , East Sussex
Lewes District Council commissioned Sure Resources Ltd to work with their tenants to help them out of unemployment. The concept was to train tenants in Enterprise and Employability, along with mentoring to give them the confidence and drive to establish their own business and/or attain appropriate employment.

On 24 July 2014 the tenants embarked on a 12 week course on combined Enterprise consisting of 2 qualifications being ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) Level 2 qualification in Enterprise, and
ASDAN Level 2 Certificate in Employability.

Helen Furlong acted as Learning Mentor assisting the tenants through the experience, with a number of the tenants requiring intense support outside of the classroom to understand the course and complete their homework. The support Helen gave to the tenants was in person, via email, texts, Skype and telephone.

Over the duration of the course it was remarkable how the tenants gained in confidence and stature.

We were extremely pleased and impressed when fourteen tenants completed the course having developed business plans and cash flow forecasts to enable them to advance their enterprise ventures. The tenants also developed CVs, and learnt to present their business case articulately in a 3-minute pitch at any opportunity.

The course was a huge success, with special thanks to Helen whose enthusiasm and constant support ensured so many of the tenants succeeded.

— Jenny Rowlands, Chief Executive, Lewes District Council
During my time at college, I was under a lot of pressure from my A levels but also from external sources such as personal relationships. Due to these issues I had a huge drop in my self-confidence and esteem. I approached Helen for life coaching because my stress got to an unmanageable level.

The most memorable experience for me was when Helen helped me break down each problem separately into long and short term stresses and goals. We discussed how future goals could be reached gradually and the stress dispersed over time, instead of creating excess amounts of pressure in the short term. In addition to these stresses, Helen assisted in improving my CV and we discussed what steps I would take after my A levels.

Overall I found Helen was warm, friendly and helpful. It was easy to share my feelings and I felt comfortable and at ease. The experience was uplifting and it made me develop and grow as a person. I would recommend Helen to anyone who needs guidance from a person who is not directly involved and can give an outsider’s perspective, helping and managing with a vast range of issues.
— Sophie, Southampton
Helen helped me over a series of six sessions make some major life changing decisions. I was confused and uncertain about what I wanted and what to do when I started receiving coaching from Helen. She used various techniques to aid me in my journey at that moment in time.
Helen helped me identify and work through the decision making processes I needed to explore.
Helen used CBT methods whilst talking to me about my problems and supported and helped me to rationalise my thoughts.

I liked the timeline technique Helen used, it made the goals that I was wanting to achieve become visual and realistic.

Helen also used a technique where she helped me breakdown all the areas, such as, work life, home life, health, relationships, friends, family, finance and career. By breaking things down into bite size chunks things become more manageable to deal with.

Helen also helped me build a personal support system so I had different people to support me in the different areas and for different reasons. This was really helpful.

Through the process I decided to make a career change and how to work towards it.
Helens coaching was a real attribute to my life.
— Tracy, East Sussex
I found Helen to be well informed and able to help in an efficient and a kind way. She is motivated and I believe she could accomplish anything she put her mind to in the business world.
— Dawn Heart, Owner of Dawn Heart Publishing
This course gave me the confidence to realise that my business was viable and that I was capable of making the correct decisions when starting my business.

I am now 6 months into my first year as a self-employed electrician and starting to build a large client base and reputation. I am currently working with web designers on a website ( which should be up and running by the end of February.
— Luke, East Sussex
Thank you Helen from Cute Dog for your enthusiasm and professionalism as Learning Mentor and Coach during the Lewes Business Start-up course. I wish you every luck with your new business venture.

I very much hope to be running similar courses in the future and would wish you to support the students once again.

Kindest regards from Julie and all the team at Cute Dog Consulting
— Jules, Cute Dog Consulting

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