We all have phases in our life when we feel nothing is going our way. Things can become overwhelming and it is difficult to see a way out. There is a crossover between work and home life. If one is not working for us it can have a detrimental effect on the other. Any work related issues can have an adverse impact on us if we let it. Life coaching will help you achieve clarity.

Restoring Balance

At times our resilience waivers and we need some support to be objective and focused. As a Professional Life Coach covering Brighton, Eastbourne, Lewes and Peacehaven, I can help you put your life back in balance and enable you to take back control. Initially I would help you gain awareness of and clarify your personal goals and priorities through a better understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and options. I would then work with you to take appropriate action to change, accomplish your goals and feel more fulfilled.

Setting Goals

When you have explored what is important to you it then becomes a much easier task to plan what you need to do, or indeed stop doing, to achieve your goals. In fact setting your goals - that is understanding what you want -can be challenging. I can provide the safe, positive, non judgemental space for you to work out your next steps that will meet your needs and enable you to move forward with confidence and renewed motivation.

The Power of Coaching

There are issues where counselling may be required to get back on track. I would suggest this where appropriate. Life coaching however, is a powerful tool box that used with integrity can enable you to explore what is out of sync through a series of exercises and together we can work through what’s important to you, how to achieve it, whilst managing your stress levels effectively.

Would you like to chat to me about how coaching works? Why not call today? I am a Personal and Life Coach based in East Sussex offering life coaching in Eastbourne, Lewes, Peacehaven and Brighton. Although if you are further away I also offer online coaching via Skype.

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