Have you found yourself in this situation? Would you like help to find the right employment for you at this time in your career? Unemployment can be a difficult time particularly when you’re struggling with ongoing financial responsibilities. It can however be a chance to reflect on what’s important to you and to choose your next steps. I can help you through this journey with unemployment advice and coaching in Eastbourne, Lewes, Brighton and Peacehaven.

What Unemployment Means to You

Initially it will be important to explore what led to your unemployment and how this impacts on you and those that may rely on you - from this starting point we can then work on the ‘What next?’

There will be the usual things like updating your CV, polishing your interview techniques and enhancing your learning-you can do all this yourself using the myriad of guides and articles out there.

Exploring New Possibilities

What I can do to help you through this difficult, potentially depressing phase is support and challenge you through the process of change. Yes, a change in your outlook. We can explore your current skill set and what you would like to achieve. We can rethink what is important to you and what the alternatives are. We can review other career choices and then plan together the most effective ways to move forward.

Rebuilding Confidence

When you have explored what is important to you it then becomes a much easier task to plan what you need to do, or indeed stop doing, to achieve your goals. In fact setting your goals - that is understanding what you want -can be challenging. I can provide the safe, positive, non judgemental space for you to work out your next steps that will meet your needs and enable you to move forward with confidence and renewed motivation.

Do get in touch to chat about how these concepts and coaching could work for you. I offer unemployment advice in my coaching sessions which are available either online via Skype or face-to-face in East Sussex in Eastbourne, Lewes, Peacehaven and Brighton.

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